My Terraria Steam Review! Should you buy it in 2018?

So, Terraria, the game that I have no words to say how good it is. It’s comparable to the mythos that surrounds the deceptively innocent game made by the Resetting of Logic itself. It starts innocent, then little by little, the horrors start to creep in, consuming any unprepared mind who dared to looks at those horrors up close, but no, you’re a hero, destined to a path of good fortune and glory. Just as you thought it was it, but no, a new challenge awaits, a challenge that only those who dared to seek it will unfurl. Champion, save the world of Terraria from the horror, and you know what horror I’m talking about.

My review of Terraria!
Some people say Terraria is similar to Growtopia and its stupid waist of money? Do you think so no? Good.
Anyways it has like 500+ more feautures than Growtopia.
Wait what am i doing were talking here about Terraria not Growtopia lets forget that now and lets talk about Terraria.
Its interesting game and good adventure if you will even have 1 or more friends to play with then it would be just amazing game for you and amazing even so if you dont have friends.
10€ worth! Buy it!

Terraria is one of the best games out there, why ? Alright…. here we go:
-Beautiful, theme-based Soundtracks.
-Tremendous amout of blocks, items and weapons.
-Alot of NPCs that actually are useful and add some life to the game.
-Characters can be played in any world, you can use this to grind some items in a world, and build in another, or just switch to “Expert world” once you got bored of annihilating normal enemies.
-Variety of different themes that offer different loot and even plants and trees.
-Multiplayer without restriction, that’s always a cool thing to add.
-Building has literally no limits, without even having to use mods to make it look pretty (like Minecraft)

i can go on and on, but it will just seem like i’m saying what i love about the game, and not giving an actual review… so its time for some Cons…

-2D… im pretty sure its annoying for some people.
-If you don’t have anything in mind to do, or just waiting the game to tell you what you should do, you will be very dissapointed.
-Some useful themes and areas are veeeeerry far from home (in the early-mid game), if you want any block/item/plant from it, you will have to go on a loooooooong journy or spend hours making a rail track for it.
-Multiplayer is Via steam friends not Servers, so if you dont know anyone that plays Terraria, you are completely solo. (that’s why we have Steam community Hub. duh)
-Building is essential here, there are thousands of blocks for you to build and it would be a shame of just ignoring allll of them and build a house out of dirt, also building is also required to get more NPCs to your village, hotel, or even house.
-it takes a lot of time to get some work going, keep that in mind.

That’s all for this review, i hope you got some more info about the game, its really cool in general and it only costs 10$ (and 6.5$ at sales). However, you can get it for free if you watch this video from ryzatv…. how to get terraria for free!
overall 9.5/10. because all the Cons are just… very easy to avoid.